Calendars for schools

School Calendars

I can provide you with a calendar which includes holidays, breaks and important school dates teamed up with class photographs which will be kept by students and parents long after the calendar expires.

It can also help raise money for your school or PTA.
All you have to do is have the children organised for the photoshoot and the rest is done for you. No other company matches our service and quality.

A professional photographer will attend your school - photograph the children and have a draft copy e-mailed to you within one week to proof.

Photographs can be taken in full uniform, on a mufti day or book day.
Its your choice.
The A3 Split Wall Calendars will be supplied wirobound and printed on high quality thick paper. You will not find a better quality calendar on the market for schools.

Calendars will be printed in landscape format however 3 form entry schools will be printed in portrait in order to hold 24 large photographs.

The High Resolution photographs can also be purchased on cd for use within the school for £100.00

Call 0779152427 and I will arrange a visit where you can see a sample calendar.

Q & A
What size and quality are the calendars?
Can be printed in landscape or portrait dependant on number of classes.
The double page calendar opens out to an A3 size.
Calendars are printed on luxery silk 350gsm in full colour.

How long will it take to photograph the school?
I suggest 15 minutes per class, therefore a one form entry school will take approx two hours

Where should the photographs be taken?
I suggest in the school hall but open to suggestions.

How much will it cost ?
Calendars are VAT free with a charity number.
For 100 calendars the cost price is 8.50 per item( this includes a professional photoshoot,creation of calendar and delivery)

eg. Sell 150 calendars for £10.00 and make a very easy 225.00 to go towards the PTA or school projects. You can also make extra money by selling advertising space on your calendars.

How many should I order?
I suggest you order half the amount of pupils to ensure 100% sales to maximise profit.

eg. 10 classes of 30 children - 150 calendars.

What is the minimum order?
Minimum order is 100 calendars.

How do I provide you with dates/information for the calendar?
Your school calendar can be personalised at no extra cost.
Please provide a word document with all relevant dates etc to :

Please call on 07790152427 to arrange an appointment.